Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Ship 3.26 Plus software untuk design kapal gratis

mungkin sebelumnya saya hanya membagi software tentang navigasi saja,namun kali ini saya mencoba berbagi software tentang design bangunan kapal.
yap,nama software besutan TIMOSHENKO V F ini adalah Free ship plus 3.26 yang diberikan kepada anda secara cuma-cuma.untuk ulasan lebih lengkap yang saya copas dari silakan lihat dibawah ini :

An innovative instrument allowing you to develop a hull form and to calculate hydrostatics and stability.

Written by Alexandru Teodorovici on December 19th, 2011

Free!Ship is a specialized tool that is designed to offer users the possibility to develop and model hull forms. Developed as an alternative to software applications that are based on the NURB surface modeling, Free!Ship can be an excellent solution when it comes to calculating hydrostatics and stability issues.

Free!Ship is a tool that gives shipbuilders, shipmodelers, and naval architecture specialists the possibility to create balanced boat designs. The app comes with a range of features that should satisfy the aforementioned users.

First of all, the software splits your main window into four viewing modes. The Perspective, Profile, Plan and Bodyplan views are at your disposal, and can be used to analyze your design from different angles.

Free!Ship lets the user simulate and analyze balance conditions of a complex hull. The hull is complete, and comes equipped with rudders, keels, engine and propellers.

The application lets you work with multiple layers and insert multiple planes. The layers can also be intersected when required.

More than that, various visibility options are available in Free!Ship. You can activate or deactivate the control net, view the interior edges, both sides of the boat, analyze the control curves and normals or enable/disable the hydrostatic features.

When you are finished designing and testing the hull you can move on and create the keel or rudder of your ship. This is easily done with the help of the Keel and rudder wizard found in the software.

In order to perform hydrostatics and stability calculations, power predictions and propulsive characteristics as well as avoid expensive model tests, the app comes with a range of calculators. You are able to perform resistance, hydrodynamic, aerodynamic and maneuverability tests and calculations directly from your desktop, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Free!Ship is a great instrument that is dedicated to boat builders and designers. You can use it to thoroughly check boat designs and characteristics in order to save time and money.

silakan terjemahkan sendiri bila perlu,hehehe...
software ini berbentuk portable jadi anda tidak perlu menginstallnya,hanya perlu mengextractnya (menggunakan winrar,7zip,dll ) setelah mendowload lalu menjalankan file FREESHIP.EXE .
untuk mendapatkan software ini secara gratis,anda dapat mengakses link dibawah ini :
contoh tampilannya sebagai berikut :

oke sekian dulu dari saya,semoga ini bermanfaat.
terima kasih...

salam dari pelaut indonesia....

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